Minecraft Modding

Since 2010, I have been making mods for Minecraft. As of late, these mod downloads have totaled to over 10-million!


In my spare time I love to take on side projects for family and friends in need. To date, I have created, managed and continued to maintain the following sites:


Created & maintained website for PEER Place, a delightful non-profit company which aims to empower those with developmental differences to allow them to become more independent and achieve their highest potential within themselves.

Research Work

On March 4th 2020, I defended my thesis titled "Video Analytics on the MLK Smart Corridor Testbed". This thesis was accepted and has been published via UTC Scholars. This thesis discussed many forms of real-time scalable video analytics that were done under CUIP.

First Annual Create-A-Thon - October 2016

This was my first detailed look at HTML, CSS and JavaScript - before this point I only had minor experience, and still only consider myself amateur at best. Regardless, this was a fantastic learning experience and great practive of my program design skills!

App Repository