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Jose Stovall's Portfolio

Works in many fields from Web Dev to Predictive Analysis

2015 - Present

Master's Thesis Defense

Defending my research of 1 1/2 years in video analytics on the MLK Smart Corridor Testbed.

Juice-UI Theme Kit

My JQuery-Free Theme Kit written in JavaScript and SCSS.


CUDA Streaming for OpenCV

Accelerating H.264 decoding overhead using the Pipes and CUDA-enabled FFMPEG to bring a smooth streaming experience to OpenCV.

Find it on GitHub!

Predicting Hospital Surges

Using NOAA, OpenFEMA and hospitalization data to predict hospital surges based on natural disasters.

10 Million Minecraft Mod Downloads!

Over time, my mods have gotten better and have received more and more downloads, to the point that just a few months ago I officially hit 10 million mod downloads!

MLK Smart Corridor Testbed

A 1-mile stretch of Chattanooga's MLK Blvd. dedicated as an infrastructure.

USIgnite SCCC 2018

All-in-One Mapping Program to enhance driver awareness

USIgnite SCCC 2017

See-through technology for vehicles using infrastructure.


Winners of the first-annual programming competition!

Nissan of Murfreesboro

A Stock-Image Consolidation Program