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Jose Stovall Portfolio, Experience and More Made with my own Juice-UI

Hi there, my name is Jose Stovall.

I'm a multifacted developer with interests and hobbies in many different fields. I'll have my Master's in Computer Science: Data Science from the University of Tennessee @ Chattanooga by May 2020. This page is my (new-ish) home page where you can find all sorts of information about my work. I have a few different skills that I'll have listed out here! You can find more details on my individual work on the Portfolio page, and you can learn more about my education background on the Education Page.


Computer Vision, CNN's, Object Tracking

Since 2017, I've had experience of using Python for various computer vision tasks, ranging from detection via CNN (including YOLO). I'm quite familiar with making models using Keras + Tensorflow, and am reasonably comfortable with using CUDA for graphical acceleration (such as CUDA-accelerated CNNs, CUDA-accelerated FFMPEG for real-time decoding, and more).

Everything.. else??

I use Python for several other tasks, such as automating IoT debugging, parsing and automating big-data tasks, crunching data using Pandas, creating a playlist-able kiosk for Raspberry Pi's using Selenium, and more. I'm very comfortable with Python (it's almost a second language!) so if you need a task done in Python, I will likely be confident in my ability to do it.

Full-Stack WebDev


I could go on and on about my experience in front-end development, or you can look at this site as well as others in my portfolio.


My experience is mostly in NodeJS using ExpressJS and encryption strategies such as BCrypt over HTTPS. I do not have any security background, but I am always learning the best and most secure methods of storing and managing data before I implement anything.

I also have experience in using Flask (for Python) as a back-end for web development. This isn't something I do often as it's not nearly as flexible, but it's an option that I've found need for many times in the past, especially in research. Overall, my preferred platform is NodeJS + ExpressJS but this isn't a requirement.

Java Development

So it's funny, this is actually what got me into development in the first place! I originally started my pursuit for higher education in 2011, where I decided I wanted to get a degree in Digital Animation but never wanted to work for Pixar or Dreamwork 🤔. After a semester of this, I took some time to reflect and couldn't come up with anything interesting even in the slightest, until a friend of mine convinced me to try modding Minecraft - everyone's favorite block-based sandbox.

We spent the entire winter break on 12-18 hour Skype calls, and ended up making a terrifyingly awful (at least, in hindsight) mod for Minecraft. While I had no idea what I was doing (and wouldn't for another 4 years), I enjoyed the ability to manipulate things we use every day with some code. I still make mods and recently hit 10 Million Mod Downloads via the most commonly used mod hosting platform. I still can't believe my content has come this far, but with practice and dedication I've been able to refine my mods to levels I could've never imagined!


So that's about it! I can't think of much else to discuss here, but please feel free to look at other pages around here!