Work History

Ernst & Young (GigNow): January 2021 - Present
SQL Developer and Data Architect
  • Developed and Maintained Stored Procedures for API Team
  • Assisted Data Governance Team with Data Requests
  • Supported Master Data Management Team's Data┬áNecessities
  • Architected Improved Geographical Data Storage Schema
  • Created Migration and Include Scripts for Master Data Changes
Technologies Used:
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2017
  • RedGate SQL Change Automation
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • SQL Server Management Studio, Azure Data Studio
  • Erwin
Base Camp Health: June 2020 - January 2021
MLOPs, Data Scientist & FS Dev
  • Developed ML & Statistical Model for COVID-19 Detection
  • Wrote Email Reminders system with Python + PostgreSQL
  • Contributed to Client-Requested Features on Frontend and Backend
  • Performed SDOH and Data Analysis on Anonymous BCBSAL Data
  • Created Acceptance Server with auto Docker updates from AWS ECR
Technologies Used
  • Python, Pandas, SendGrid and MatPlotLib
  • JavaScript, TypeScript and PSQL
  • React, Redux, React-Router, ExpressJS, PostgreSQL Docker, and K8s
CUIP: May 2017 - June 2020 (Part-Time)
Data Scientist, FS Dev and Video Analytics Specialist
  • Developed and Deployed City-Scale Parallelized Video Analytics Engine
  • Created and managed dashboard for City-Scale Data Throughput
  • Assisted with Management and Deployment of Kafka Cluster
  • Developed and Deployed Real-time Archival System using AWS S3 and Kafka

Technologies Used
  • Python, TensorFlow, PyTorch, Pandas and OpenCV
  • JavaScript, Leaflet, OSM, ExpressJS and WebSockets
  • Apache Kafka, ElasticSearch, Grafana, Kibana, Ansible and OpenStack
ELab Repairs: November 2019 - June 2020 (Part-Time)
Full-Stack Developer, Data Architect
  • Create and deploy a full-stack application for shopping for products
  • Integrate StripeJS as the primary checkout transactions system
  • Created system to allow the owner to add/remove/modify stock
  • Designed the database architecture and implemented it in MongoDB

Technologies Used
  • TypeScript, Semantic-UI, MongoDB
  • systemd