University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

  • Graduating with BS in Computer Science
  • Focus in Software Systems
  • Departmental GPA: 3.825
  • Overall GPA: 3.559
  • Graduating Cum Laude May 2018
  • Accepted for graduate school at UTC

Middle Tennessee State University

  • Began as Digital Animation Major in 2011
  • Switched to Computer Science Major in 2012
  • Transferred to UT Chattanooga in 2015

LaVergne High School

  • Graduated in May 2011 with Honors
  • Graduated on accelerated learning course (2 years early)
  • Focus in Computer Hardware and Networking

Why I chose UTC:

UT Chattanooga has a much more modern and dynamically changing Computer Science curriculum compared to MTSU. MTSU's Computer Science program is not subdivided into specialties as they are at UTC, and the perspectives of programming are much more primitive and on a machine level. Additionally, while C++ is a popular and symantically relatable programming language, it is incomparable to Java's system compatibility - even if the JVM is considered "indefficient".

Additionally, this university has offered so many opportunities beyond the scope of day-to-day class that I would never have had at MTSU. Working with Dr. Mina Sartipi's research team has been the greatest proof of the opportunities lurking at UTC.