Master's of Science: Computer Science

Focus in Data Science
Specialization in Mathematics
  • Graduated in May 2020
  • GPA: 3.777

Bachelor's of Science: Computer Science

Focus in Software Systems
Minor in Business Administration
  • Graduated Cum Laude May 2018
  • GPA: 3.825

Why I Chose UTC

UT Chattanooga has a much more modern and dynamically changing Computer Science curriculum compared to many others, which are not subdivided into specialties as they are at UTC. Additionally, these other schools often focus on much more primitive and on a machine level technologies. While these are practical to some degree, they did not pertain to my interests and quite frankly do not reflect the future of web-based services.

UTC offered so many opportunities beyond the scope of day-to-day class that I would never have had at MTSU. Working with Dr. Mina Sartipi's research team has been the greatest proof of the opportunities lurking at UTC. Working under her has taught me how to teach myself - learning Python, Computer Vision and Machine Learning in my first month with her pushed me off a cliff where my only parachute was to dedicate myself and learn the content.